WLR Joining Passenger Demand Forecasting Council

The Windsor Link Railway is pleased to be joining the Passenger Demand Forecasting Council as an associate member. This will allow us to access the Rail Demand Forecasting Handbook containing twenty years of research on rail demand forecasting, providing guidance on aspects such as the effects of service quality, fares and external factors on rail demand.

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First new private railway in 100 years, Florida USA

In Florida, they're building the first new privately funded railway for over 100 years with a company called Brightline. President, Mike Reininger, says: The idea is to make something more reliable, more comfortable and more convenient than the alternatives. Trends in the USA and the UK often follow each other. The Windsor Link Railway will also be the first privately funded addition to the core railway network in Britain for over 100 years, giving similar benefits of lower fares and better, more frequent

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Another record-breaking year

Happy New Year as well as a big thank you to everybody who visited this site in 2016, more of you than ever, demonstrating the growing public interest in the Windsor Link Railway proposals. Public consultation is a key part of the planning approval process, which WLR hopes to start formally in 2017, as well as helping to make its proposals even better. The site has published fewer posts than previous years but representing more substantial pieces of work. The highlight of the year

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Alignment Options

The Windsor Link Railway has been working with engineering consultants Pell Frischmann as well as Network Rail on completing formal project milestones (GRIP). We are on target to have feasibility (GRIP 2) for the tunnel in Windsor completed by early 2017. The aim is to give a number of alignment options and to demonstrate compliance with railway standards for operability and safety. Also important for this next level of work will be confirmation of current cost and revenue estimates to ensure that value for

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New government emphasises importance of private investment in rail

In a letter to the Office of Rail and Road, published last week, the new government has identified areas for 'further focus'. In addition to HS2, it says: Second, a greater emphasis on potential options for private investment in rail infrastructure, in line with the recommendation in the Shaw Report, so that the regulatory framework supports third party investment to add real value alongside continuing Government investment. Third, a greater focus on encouraging innovation across the rail sector. This is a vital counter-point to

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