Council starts scrutiny of WLR Proposals

The Windsor Link Railway is on the agenda for two council meetings in coming weeks. On Wednesday this week (16 May) at 7 pm in the Guildhall the Aviation Forum will hear about the project from the perspective of linking Heathrow to Windsor and the surrounding region. On Monday 21 May there is a special meeting of the Planning and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Panel . This will look at the opportunities that the Windsor Link Railway will create for improving the riverside area

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Over 100 businesses support the Windsor Link

The Windsor Chamber of Commerce has organised a letter to the Secretary of State for transport supporting the Windsor Link Railway by asking it to be included as an option for a western link to Heathrow. Over 100 Windsor and Eton companies, large and small, have now supported the letter below. If you are a company and want to add your name to the list, please email us. Chamber Letter to SoS 170412x If you are an individual and want to support WLR but

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Restoring Bourne End rail link is easier than HS2

Whilst the focus on the Windsor Link Railway is initially around Windsor, this is only the first part of a wider vision of transport for the region - restoring missing links to provide extra transport capacity at little cost. Re-opening the line from Maidenhead to High Wycombe (and thereby giving a direct link from Oxford to Heathrow) is part of this vision. Hat tip to Ian Smith for drawing my attention to his letter in the Buck Free Press.

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A very positive business case

We’ve been keeping deliberately quite here for the last year while we focus on a business case for phase 1 (connecting Slough to Staines via Windsor) of the new railway. The initial results are complete and I thought I would share the headline results. At the beginning of last year WLR started the work to look at the engineering costs. This found that the proposed tunnel would cost around £75 million, of which £40 million would be for the cut-n-cover tunnel under Thames Avenue

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See us in Modern Railways

The Windsor Link Railway is featured in the latest issues of Modern Railways (£). The article focusses on solutions for a western rail link to Heathrow, one of which is the Windsor Link and the other is Wandsworth's proposal for 'Airtrack Lite' (£). These two proposals dovetail very well and are mutually supportive. The Windsor Link Railway is also pleased to see the Mayor of London supporting Wandsworth's proposals.

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Work in Progress!

Last week engineering work started.  This is feasibility work, looking at whether the the proposed tunnel through Windsor can be built at a reasonable cost.  It is being done by one of the largest and most respected rail engineering firms in the country.  Once this is complete, the next step will be to do initial demand modelling to verify that there is an adequate business case, both for private investors and for Department for Transport. Initial indications are that the engineering will be cheaper than

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Options for HS2

Yesterday, the high speed link to the north (HS2) and Crossrail projects were confirmed by the Chancellor.  We hope to hear next week from the Secretary of State on the fate of Airtrack. A reader, however, as emailed to ask how the Windsor Link would connect to HS2 and what would be the best option for local people.  This is in the context of the Secretary of State asking for a better way of connecting to Heathrow than the plans announced by the previous government. Although it should

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28-29 September: Rail Summit

Windsor Link presented at the end of last month at the Rail Summit.  We had pride of place, speaking immediately after the Transport Secretary, Theresa Villiers, and Network Rail Director, Paul Plummer.  If you missed it, please get in touch for a copy of the presentation.

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