WLR: the benefits to Maidenhead

Most of the benefits of WLR are to Windsor itself. The town will have an effective doubling of the frequency of trains to Waterloo and Paddington, knocking about 20 minutes off average journey times to London. The associated work on the riverside area, including potentially restoring and expanding Alexandra Gardens and the development of the former goods yards, now car parks, will greatly improve the environment and views of the castle. However, it's not just Windsor that will benefit. With Maidenhead's population expected to

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Colnbrook Views: ‘secret’ consultation on Heathrow link

Colnbrook Views has reported on the 'informal consultation' on a link to Heathrow that will go under the village: The consortium behind the Western Rail Access to Heathrow (WRAtH) project has begun an “informal consultation” into its plans for 5km of new tunnels to connect Heathrow Terminal 5 with Langley Station. But beware, if you thought Hub’s plans were “doodles”, these are even less developed! Led by Slough chief executive, Ruth Bagley, the WRAtH team launched its consultation on Friday 6 February. Despite the

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Observer: Windsor 2030 progress

The Windsor Observer reports that Windsor 2030, responsible for bringing forward the neighbourhood plan for the centre of Windsor, has now finished its formal evidence gathering stage, with more than 1,000 responses. They report: Areas highlighted for improvement include the upper St Leonard’s Road/lower Peascod Street area, Peascod Quarter around William Street, King Edward Court and High Street/Thames Street as well as exploring the Windsor Link Railway idea and improving the riverside area of town. Pictured above are some of the views from Alexandra

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Planning like it’s 1845

The Windsor Link Railway is working on what we hope will be a new chapter of Windsor history. As we start the new year, is worth reflecting on how the railways first came to this town and how they defined and indeed saved Windsor as we know and love it today. The hero of the Story is Robert Tighe, a local businessman. As well as leading the campaign to bring the railways to Windsor, described below, this was just one part of a wider

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28,000 pages views in 2014

The WLR website received 28,000 views in 2014, according to Jetpack. This is a 40% increase from the year before. Almost all of these were from the local region. Our busiest day of the year was June 10, with WLR being featured by the BBC. The high numbers visiting this site are an important part of WLR's eventual success, demonstrating a high level of involvement by local people. This fits with recent research by the out Windsor Neighbourhood Plan, which found an amazingly high

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WLR featured on ConHome

The Conservative Home website has featured WLR. Harry Phibbs, who edits the section on local government and is himself a councillor in Hammersmith and Fulham, writes: Windsor shows determination to combine greater beauty with new development Last week I wrote on BIMBYism, the Prince’s Foundation and their mission for beautiful development in keeping with tradition. When most of our politicians and developers are arguing about quantity, the Foundation argues that it is not housing numbers that people are opposed to but ugliness and socially

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Local plan working group minutes published

The Borough Local Plan Working Group has been reviewing the draft of the next ‘preferred options’ consultation. The minutes of the meeting on 19 November, where WLR was discussed, have now been published. These recommend the borough's support for the objectives WLR, provided that the normal provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework are followed.  That is, there should be no substantial harm to heritage assets, flood protection, traffic flows etc. Also, of interest, is that — finally — Windsor is recommended for recognition as more than just

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Observer reports on WLR’s inclusion in ‘key planning document’

The Windsor Observer reports: The Royal Borough Local Plans Working Group met on Wednesday last week [19 November] to discuss items and policies to be included in the borough-wide Local Plan with the £250m Windsor Link Railway scheme up for discussion. The group agreed to propose adding the project to the plan, which will show how the Royal Borough intends to build more than 12,600 homes in the next 15 years. The WLR proposal includes plans for housing. It is understood the wording will

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What people want

HRH Prince Charles has launched in Islington an excellent report by his Foundation for Building Community on making development popular, Housing Communities: what people want. This identifies principles that WLR is keen to emulate as part of the housing element of the project in Windsor. The foundation found clear themes emerging from their workshops with local people: The evidence from interviews and conclusions, from spontaneous answers and the questionnaire is remarkably consistent and clear. People want development that makes it easy and pleasant to

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