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Video master plan

See our new video fly-by of the Windsor Link Railway master plan. If you want to comment please do so below or via our survey.

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WLR: the benefits to Maidenhead

Most of the benefits of WLR are to Windsor itself. The town will have an effective doubling of the frequency of trains to Waterloo and Paddington, knocking about 20 minutes off average journey times to London. The associated work on the riverside area, including potentially restoring and expanding Alexandra Gardens and the development of the

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What people want

HRH Prince Charles has launched in Islington an excellent report by his Foundation for Building Community on making development popular, Housing Communities: what people want. This identifies principles that WLR is keen to emulate as part of the housing element of the project in Windsor. The foundation found clear themes emerging from their workshops with

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Restoring Alexandra Gardens

The first picture above shows Alexandra Gardens in perhaps the 1960s. The second slide shows it today. Whilst the park is still a pleasant green oasis, it clearly isn’t as nice a place as it was. Much of this could be fixed by changing the council’s low-maintenance eco-policy on flower beds, i.e. not planting flowers.

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Local MPs


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