The Business Case

An innovative solution

As well as improving local transport, the Windsor Link Railway provides a new westerly link to Heathrow at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions and provides links throughout the UK without having to go through an already over-congested central London. It thus addresses both local and national needs

The Transport business case

The transport business case is comprised of 5 stages as follows:

The strategic case

A robust case for change, the strategic case: transport around Heathrow is often already severely overloaded yet many rail assets in the region are poorly utilised

The economic case

Value for money, the economic casethe WLR satisfies the DfT’s criteria for a ‘very high’ value for money

The financial case

Financial affordability, the financial case: phase 1 of the WLR has a strong financial case not just for the high forecast passenger numbers but also from the land improvements it enables. These two sources of income, plus the option of state funding (including that recently announced for a western link to Heathrow), means that the project has a high probability of being fundable.

The commercial case

Commercial viability, the commercial case: the WLR has a number of options for operating mode. It can either be handed over to network rail on completion, be part of an independent train operating company (TOC) or take access charges from other TOCs. The strong revenue forecast makes each of these options viable.

The management case

Achievability, the management case: depending on the outcome of discussions with Network Rail and other stakeholders a team will be assembled. Further information will be posted as it is available.

Note that the project is still in early stages of planning and that numbers and other aspects may change dramatically as it is further developed. This information is provided for the purposes of information and should not be relied up. The WLR does, however, encourage people to question any of the information here. This way it is hoped that the project can avoid many of the pitfalls of other engineering projects where they are developed in secret, that by being open and transparent a better output will ensue.

Local MPs


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