For My Town

The service

The above schematic illustrates the potential new connections that could be enabled by Windsor Link Railway (WLR). The green lines show the southern half of WLR, going down to the south coast, the reds lines the northern half, serving the Midlands and beyond. The yellow lines represent Crossrail and its possible extension (which could go all the way to Reading). The dotted blue line shows HS2, including a proposed extension to Heathrow.

Click on a town above highlighted in blue to learn more about how the WLR benefits that specific town.

The vision

The Windsor Link Railway is a new service the region, benefiting the whole area, the UK and Heathrow.

The schematic above illustrates the vision of a better connected region, from the midlands and Buckinghamshire to Hampshire and Surrey. Please note, however, that it should not be interpreted as providing direct services on all the lines shown immediately. For both financial and engineering reasons, the links would have to be provided in phases.

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