Happy New Year as well as a big thank you to everybody who visited this site in 2016, more of you than ever, demonstrating the growing public interest in the Windsor Link Railway proposals.

Public consultation is a key part of the planning approval process, which WLR hopes to start formally in 2017, as well as helping to make its proposals even better.

The site has published fewer posts than previous years but representing more substantial pieces of work. The highlight of the year was the ‘fly by’ of the master plan for Windsor, the video of which has been viewed over 2,263 times.

Overall in 2016, this site has been viewed 32,730 times with 12,463 unique visitors.

This site’s top five refers were: Search engines (5,690), Facebook (1,131), Railforums.co.uk (441), BBC.co.uk (388) and Twitter (246). The most-clicked external links were to Facebook, the Windsor Express, Twitter, RBWM and the Windsor Observer.

Obviously, most of the visitors were from the United Kingdom (76%) but with our European partners Germany and Sweden taking the most interest from within the EU. Most UK visitors (88%) are from Windsor and surrounding area plus London.