Congratulations to Heathrow Airport, which this week passed a major milestone in the construction of terminal 2. The new terminal is on schedule to open next year with a capacity of 20 million passengers per annum.

The Windsor Link Railway will make this important new infrastructure easily accessible to many more people, increasing Heathrow’s return on investment. Phase 2 links Heathrow to the west by rail, both to Slough and to Staines and beyond. By doing this in addition to Phase 1, linking Slough to Staines via Windsor, Heathrow becomes part of a much better connected region. This in turn takes pressure off our over-burdened roads and boosts economic growth.

The Windsor Link Railway still works even if Heathrow was one day moved elsewhere as the better links throughout the region (e.g. extending Crossrail to Ascot via Heathrow) and to other airports would still be useful. In the meantime, we hope to make it easier for people to fly from Heathrow.

Photo credit: Daily Mail.