The Telegraph reports:

Property prices within a 10-minute walk of central London Crossrail stations have risen by more than 30% since the project was announced in 2008.

The growth in values was 8% greater than wider improvements for central London, according to a study by estate agent Knight Frank.

It now forecasts prices will increase by 40% over the next five years, rising at an additional 1.2 per cent a year above wider rises in prime areas of the capital.

By making it easy to extend Crossrail to Windsor and Staines, as well as potentially beyond to Ascot and Bracknell and doubling the frequency to Slough and Maidenhead, the Windsor Link Railway will bring similar benefits to these towns. The WLR also helps by connecting some of the missing links in government schemes that don’t quite connect up, for example, between Crossrail and HS2 or between HS2 and the Thames Valley, further adding value to property and boosting the economy and employment.