Welcome to our new website.

If you’ve visited our old site you’re notice that a lot more has changed than just the graphics.

The content has now been updated to reflect the current focus on the project.  Initially the Windsor Link Railway was conceived as a project for ulitmately connecting the Midlands to the south coast with a new strategic railway.  This goal still remains for the long term but the focus for now much more strongly on delivering the first link in that chain, in Windsor itself.  Also after many discussions with Network Rail, South West Trains, local councils and advisors, we’ve come up with a much simplified initial service proposition, essentially extending the existing SWT service from Waterloo through to Slough via Windsor.  This uses mostly existing rolling stock much reducing costs but still delivering immediate benefits.  This proposal we are describing as Phase 1.

Phase 1 is made simpler and lower risk by not being dependent on any other projects, such as Airtrack or Crossrail.  It also enables us to more easily prove the principle of a Big Society, privately initiated and funded railway.

Phase 2 is connecting Slough to Heathrow via Windsor.  This phase does depend on what happens to Airtrack and whether the government approves the hundreds of millions of pounds subsidy it requires and the level crossing issue is resolved.

Future phases, including a link north to High Wycombe and south to Aldershot, will be decided at a future date.