Local website thebestofWindsor has given its thoughts on the Windsor Link Railway.

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Michelle Heywood, who runs the Windsor site, writes:

The new railway track would be built partly as a tunnel linking the existing two stations together. The tunnel would go underneath the road behind the theatre. Structural engineering companies have already been consulted and they are very confident that this is completely possible to do.

The proposal is designed to embrace Windsor’s historical and cultural importance as a town, but ensure that it is a place for locals to enjoy living and working in as well as to ensure that Windsor is an important commercial town and NOT just a tourist town.

And she finishes by giving her view:

I am very excited by this but do appreciate all the potential downsides as well as the upsides.

As a Windsor girl through and through, I think this project could be just what we need.

You can read her whole article, as well as finding out more about thebestofWindsor,here.