WLR featured in the Spectator

The Windsor Link Railway has been featured in the Spectator magazine. Charles Moore (who has edited both the Telegraph and the Spectator) writes:

Windsor has always had two stations — Central and Riverside — a fact which causes multiple inconveniences. Considering that it is the most visited tourist site outside London, it is absurdly badly connected… [the] Windsor Link Railway scheme would create a single Windsor station (putting the historic buildings of the old ones to other uses). Its first phase would link the Great Western region with the South Western, going from Slough, via Windsor, into Waterloo. Its second phase would create a spur from the Windsor line which passes only two miles from Heathrow’s Terminal 5, thus obviating the need for new, separate rail links to the airport and getting two for the price of one. It would even, via Slough, create a further link to the north-west. The space freed up would permit high-quality residential architecture on a Regent’s Park model…

Read the full article here.

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