A survey by the Central Windsor Neighbourhood Plan has found that respondents supported further work on the Windsor Link Railway by a ratio of almost two to one.

The CWNP is now sadly defunct but the research is still useful and will hopefully inform any future neighbourhood plans.

The result is consistent with WLR’s own survey. This found that 95% of residents thought the proposals were important to Windsor and 92% petitioned the council to do more to assist. It also found that 75% could support in principle some premium riverside homes as part of the proposal. This last question is probably the most similar to the way the CWNP questions were presented. The WLR and CWNP surveys had, at 99% confidence, 7% and 17% error margins respectively.

Asked what they thought was important by CWNP, residents were also greatly supportive of maintaining the heritage of character of Windsor and its communities. A note to the council was also to improve the impression of the town in general cleanliness and presentation. Controlling the downside of nightlife was also strongly supported (although arguably a leading question). The other factor that emerged strongly was transport including:

  • Improving parking (49% thought this very important)
  • Decrease road congestion (43% very important)

It’s gratifying that WLR’s principle message is again supported – that Windsor needs better transport infrastructure.

CWNP survey results