The Windsor Link Railway has today reached an important milestone: it has submitted its vision statement and pre-planning application to RBWM.

WLR hopes that the council will be able to respond as follows:

  • At a full council level, responding to the petition previously submitted, by affirming support for and collaboration with WLR (policy ASF1 of the Royal Borough’s Local Transport Plan inter alia)
  • As part of the emerging Borough Local Plan, as requested by the Central Windsor Neighbourhood Plan, to ensure provision is made within the document to support WLR and the associated development to come forward within the plan period.
  • As pre-planning advice, to respond to this document with the Royal Borough’s feedback.

    Once feedback has been received from the council and, although much of the information is already published on this website and elsewhere, WLR hopes to be able to publish the document here. Anybody interested in seeing the document before then should get in touch.

    If any other people have feedback for the council on the Borough Local Plan (Preferred Options) document, the deadline is 7 March 2014. Also on 25 March, there WLR is on the agenda for the full council meeting.

    It should be noted that this is advisory as the planning authority for the railway will be the Secretary of State for Transport rather than the local council. However, WLR wants to keep local stakeholders fully involved and part of the plans as they develop.