Both the Windsor Express and the Windsor Observer have reported on the proposed public consultation on WLR.

The Windsor Express covers the “overview and scrutiny panel” discussion last Thursday. This had a ‘heated’ discussion on the content of the consultation, although the paper was recommended to cabinet unanimously. Cllr Saunders said he thought developments around the WLR including a proposed 3,000 space car park under Alexandra Gardnes should be included in the consultation (something WLR agrees with). He continued:

I think people should be aware of the issues. We’re talking about 400,000 square feet of development. If you’re going to ask ‘do you think it would be good to link two railways?’ they will say yes.

WLR’s survey previously addressed both the rail and the development questions here. See the full newspaper article by clicking on the button below.

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Cllr Derek Wilson, cabinet member for planning, is quoted in the Observer on the subsequent delay to the paper:

A lot of the [cabinet] paper was referring to Windsor Link Railway and there is a lot more to Windsor and Windsor regeneration than just the Windsor Link Railway. We just want to try and make sure that we cover everything. Essentially the report came too soon. There is nothing untoward about it – it is just simply the Windsor regeneration project is going to be a major project that will also be identified in the two Windsor Neighbourhood Plans that are also currently being developed.