New Civil Engineer magazine reports (£) on WLR’s two-for-the-price-of-one proposal, combining works from west and south of the airport.

Windsor Link Railway (WLR) has put forward a proposal to roll the WRLtH and SRLtH schemes into one, dramatically reducing the cost of the works estimated at £2.3bn by Network Rail.

WLR managing director George Bathurst told New Civil Engineer how its proposal to link up sections of existing track could cut the combined price tag of both projects in half.

“We’ll be bidding to provide a two-for-one solution,” said Bathurst. “It’s really helpful for us that the government is now focussing on output rather than particular technical solutions, that they’re considering western and southern access at the same time because previously those schemes have always been looked at sequentially.”

Bathurst said WLR’s proposals would cost under £1.5bn, and would be funded through passenger use and property developments in Windsor built during Phase 1.