WLR featured in neighbourhood plan

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The main principles of WLR have been supported in the emerging Windsor 2030 neighbourhood plan. This is a 'pre-consultation' prior to the draft policy consultation. The above video is a quick summary. For more information visit the Windsor 2030 news section. Agree or disagree, you can comment on their website, criticise or suggest alternatives. Please make your comments non-anonymous for them to count as official feedback. You can also comment below.

WLR featured in Windsor2030 “Vision Day”

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The Windsor Link Railway was featured as part of the vision for the Windsor of the future, put forward by the neighbourhood forum for the central business area, Windsor2030. The WLR consultation featured two parts: (1) for the transport element, giving better rail services and car parking; and (2)for the riverside restoration, improving the historical environment, views and the area around the arches. Click on a button below to see each. Transport Improvements Riverside restoration and improvement

WLR presentation for residents

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For those who missed WLR's presentation to the wider Windsor Neighbourhood Plan last Tuesday, the narrated presentation is now available online.  Click above. Thank you again to the forum,  both for the invitation to speak and for the warm reception that the presentation received. The un-narrated slides are also available here.