WLR evidence to Select Committee published

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The House of Commons Select Committee Inquiry into Surface Transport to Airports has ordered evidence submitted by WLR to be published. WLR's evidence agrees with British Airways, that the currently proposed links are too expensive and counter-productive, likely leading to worse traffic congestion if the airport grows. The Windsor Link Railway offers a solution to this problem, which saves the taxpayers almost a billion pounds. It adds direct connections to Heathrow and Crossrail from Windsor and Ascot (and improves links to Slough and Maidenhead) [...]

WLR and WRAtH in the Windsor Observer

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The Windsor Observer has reported on the Windsor Link Railway and the options for a westerly link to Heathrow. They reported, "Last week, Secretary of State for transport Patrick McLoughlin agreed to look into speeding up the delivery of WRatH at the request of Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart". WLR is grateful that he has not agreed to short-cut the due process. The rail industry is tasked not only with delivering specific outcomes but also with improving its efficiency and value-for-money, which in turn reduces [...]

Is Slough’s tunnel to Heathrow off the rails?

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In February 2013, the Thames Valley Local Economic Partnership announced, "Full steam ahead for the £500m western rail link to Heathrow." In October 2013, they trumpeted, "Final route for western rail access to Heathrow [WRAtH] to be announced by Christmas. Full steam ahead for the planned western rail access to Heathrow project with a major decision due by the end of the year [2013]." It's now February 2014 and there is still no sign of the preferred WRAtH option, at full steam or otherwise. [...]

The Heathrow debate

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With submissions to the Davies Airport Commission coming in thick and fast some readers have been in touch to ask what Heathrow's expansion plans or even its closure would mean for the Windsor Link Railway. Expanding Heathrow to the South-West This is Heathrow Airport Limited's favourite option. Many people, however, think this is difficult because it would involve moving or over the M25. Interestingly, from a rail access point-of-view, it would also take the new runway over the existing Windsor line to Waterloo. This [...]

£500m put aside for Heathrow link

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The government has announced that £500 million has been put aside for a western rail link to Heathrow. The sum has been added to the High Level Output Specification (HLOS) for the rail industry. This isn't, however, quite the support for the WRAtH solution that Slough BC is claiming. As WLR revealed previously, the government and the HLOS supports the principle of a link not the precise route. This means that the money can be spent either on Slough's proposal (missing out Windsor and [...]