RBWM responds positively to WLR petition

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Last night, the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Council gave its response to the petition on WLR. It resolved: This Council: (a) notes the petition and the case made for the Windsor Link Railway, and (b) encourages the WLR team to engage fully in the planning policy processes, feeding into the emerging Borough Local Plan and Central Windsor Neighbourhood Plan, and looks forward to the further submissions and discussions in these regards with all relevant Members and Officers. George Bathurst, introducing the petition, [...]

A Windsor resident explains WLR

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A Windsor resident, and member of the Windsor & Eton Society, has kindly written to RBWM about the Windsor Link Railway. WLR suspects that this explanation, including some FAQs, would be useful to many other people and so (with the writer's permission) these are reproduced there. Roy Edwards writes: Dear Councillor Kellaway On 17 November 2013 I emailed a few of my friends in Windsor a brief introduction to Windsor Councillor George Bathurst’s proposal to shut down Windsor’s two existing railway stations and build [...]

RBWM council receives petition signatures

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The full council of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead received two petitions from WLR yesterday evening. The first was petitioning the council to do more to support the Windsor Link Railway. This received 1,020 signatures including 163 online. This will now be debated at the next full council meeting on 25 February 2014. The second petition was for the local council to look actively at ideas for improving the riverside area, parking and transport in Windsor, including those of the Windsor Link Railway Ltd, [...]

Windsor Neighbourhood Plan supports WLR

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On Wednesday, the steering group of the Central Windsor Neighbourhood Plan decided to support a Windsor Link Railway. They resolved: To support a Windsor link railway in principle To request that the emerging Borough Local Plan marks the associated land as reserved whilst potential development is considered, so as not to impede the development of a railway. The Transport Topic Group will consider a Windsor link railway as part of its discussions.