Is rail spending balanced between north and south?

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The Infrastructure Projects Authority doesn't think so. Perhaps this is why there’s a Windsor Link in Manchester but as yet no Windsor Link in Windsor. The Windsor Link in Manchester is a relatively cheap missing link in the network that gives rail users new journey opportunities, reduced journey times and improved reliability. Like the nearby Ordsall Chord (pictured), it fixes historical anomalies and it’s been a great success. As HS2's future is cast into doubt, it’s time, however, to ask about the long-term costs [...]

Government Gives Private Investment Green Light

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The Government has given the green light to private investment in its new Transport Investment Strategy, published last week, saying: We are actively seeking to consider opportunities where private finance can play a role in delivering better value for money, or help us deliver more quickly and innovatively. […]

New government emphasises importance of private investment in rail

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In a letter to the Office of Rail and Road, published last week, the new government has identified areas for 'further focus'. In addition to HS2, it says: Second, a greater emphasis on potential options for private investment in rail infrastructure, in line with the recommendation in the Shaw Report, so that the regulatory framework supports third party investment to add real value alongside continuing Government investment. Third, a greater focus on encouraging innovation across the rail sector. This is a vital counter-point to [...]

The new PM’s comments on WLR

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WLR welcomes the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, who is also the local MP for Maidenhead. This is what she said about the Windsor Link Railway: Good train services from Maidenhead and Twyford to London are crucial, both for commuters who live in the local area and for local businesses. That’s why I welcome proposals from the Windsor Link Railway company, which could potentially provide much quicker journey times to south London and Waterloo. These have the additional advantage of being privately-led, reducing the [...]

Alternatives to WLR ‘poor value for money’ – official report

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An official report published by the Thames Valley Local Economic Partnership (LEP) has supported WLR's view that the needs of not just Windsor but also Slough are best served by the proposed linking of the two lines and new station. The report finds that all the alternatives to WLR for improving links between Windsor and Slough are all 'poor value for money'. The only exception to this is a replacement bus service which is undeliverable for other reasons. Assessment of the Windsor Link Railway [...]